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Cleaning Up Virginia 

Vindy Cleaning is a commercial cleaning team made up of experienced and certified experts in commercial disinfection, sanitization, floor care and other deep cleaning and specialized commercial cleaning services to a wide range of businesses across the city of Richmond and Central Virginia. Vindy Cleaning is more than just another average janitorial service. We strive to meet all your cleaning needs for your business and our commercial cleaning team takes pride in doing the best job possible to create a healthier environment for Central VA.

We are committed to cleaning up Virginia one office, medical facility, daycare, school, restaurant, government building etc. at a time. With our help, we can prevent the spread of infectious disease in your operation and all the precious places in this region and city we all love. Whether it’s regularly scheduled cleaning or one time visits, we can help you maintain the highest cleanliness standards for your facility. Our team is ready to serve you.


Provide superior commercial cleaning service to help places of business maintain the highest cleanliness standards.


We look towards doing our part to not only maintain high standards of cleanliness in the buildings we serve, but to mitigate and if not eradicate the high spread of infectious diseases.

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